His music sneaks up on you. On first listen you can feel the various influences speaking through his tunes. Then the lyrics of Peter Walker's new CD, Runs Like New, begin to reach out to you. Next thing you know his hooks have you humming them on the way to work.


That's what happened to us when we were playing his demos while designing Walker's newest CD package. After much listening, we wanted it to reflect the unassuming, genuine quality of his music. But we also wanted to show his sincerity.

Peter's a young guy, which always poses a challenge. However we were fortunate to work with L.A. photographer Beth Herzhaft, a veteran of many rock & roll shoots. Beth captured in her portraits and environmentals all the qualities that are present in his music.


Walker collaborated with of some of the best musicians of his genre; former Wilco guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Jay Bennett, bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck and Blinker the Star), and drummer Joey Waronker whose credits include R.E.M., Johnny Cash, Beck, and Elliot Smith. The disk was produced by the highly respected Joe Chiccarelli.

We designed both a digi-pak version and a jewel case version of the CD. The digi-pak exploits the beauty of black and white portraiture on the uncoated natural stock. Whereas the jewel case is more ethereal, only showing Peter in shadows and reflections on the outside, saving the portrait for the interior booklet.